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About Us



In February 2021, OCP SA and UM6P jointly founded the Energy Sustainability Chair, ENSUS; an initiative that aims to make UM6P a hub for energy research and development, and accompany the country’s energy transition. Energy sustainability is today self-evident, especially when considering recent climate instabilities. The latter clearly demonstrates the vulnerability of our globally interconnected societies, and the need to bring all forces together to address this issue through exchange, sharing of experiences and collaboration. And as for most complex challenges, slowing down and eventually reversing climate change necessitates an agile, multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach. It is this awareness that will guide our way to resilience, which is a theme that is more relevant than ever to our global society.

From this platform, I call on researchers to continue to make their voice heard. Not only as the voice of science, but gradually also as that of social reason. Researchers must partner with industries and policy makers in formulating a sane and positive future for the present and the future generations.

With a clear vision, a belief in its capabilities and the drive and dedication of its members, the ENSUS chair will contribute fully to executing a virtual platform for collaborative research and for business opportunities; a role that ENSUS scientific and industrial advisory boards are well aware of. Thank you for visiting this site and for your interest in ENSUS.Ben Guerir, 03 December 021

Dr. Jones Alami
Chair Holder

Vision and values


To establish an Energy research and innovation hub, that fosters academic and industrial collaborations and eco-systems, promotes scale-up and prototyping capabilities to serve the national Sustainable Energy needs.



About us


The Chair pursues activities that ensure energy sustainability with the following objectives :

  • A scientific impact through publications, seminars and conferences.
  • An economic impact through IP generation and licensing, technology transfer to industry and startups, with the aim of adding value to Moroccan resources in general and to OCP’s in particular.
  • An educational impact by providing tools and modules for an innovative learning pedagogy, and setting up an international network for students’ traineeships and academic collaboration.
  • A social impact by proclaiming sustainability as a strategic objective and placing it at the core of all activities.
  • An environmental impact by placing renewable energy, water-energy nexus, recycling and waste valorization as the focus.