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About us


Dr. Jones Alami, is a Professor in surface and nano-technology, the holder of the sustainable energy chair, ENSUS, and the head of the Materials Science, Energy and Nanoengineering (MSN) Department at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), since December 2016. He has a Doctorate in plasma physics (2003) and a PhD in thin film physics (2005) from the University of Linkoping in Sweden. Following a visiting researcher position at AIST in Japan and a post-doctoral research position at Aachen University in Germany, he joined industry as a research manager and innovation manager at Cemecon AG and Sulzer Metapplas GmbH, respectively. In 2011 he founded and managed a coating R&D company that develops surface solutions for a range of industry leaders such as the Schäffler group, and Gühring KG in Germany, Teijin LTD and Umetoku in Japan, and Mont Blanc in France. During this time, he also occupied the position of Adjunct Professor at the prestigious Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science. Dr. Alami has more than 130 peer-reviewed publications with over 5500 citations and an H-index of 31. He has over 20 patents and patent applications to his name and is often invited to give keynotes at international venues.

At UM6P, Dr. Alami focuses on developing research, education and entrepreneurship programs, through several initiatives such the creation mixed laboratories with academic institutions and accelerated research and prototyping centers, ARC, with industrial partners.

Composed of senior managers from both OCP & UM6P, the role of this committee is to establish he strategic direction of the Chair. An annual meeting is held to examine the chair’s achievements, supervise their activities and to approve the annual action plan.
This committee acts as the managerial support of the Chair which elaborates the action plan of ENSUS as well as the budget and ensures the alignment of the chair’s actions with its vision and strategic orientations.
The scientific advisory board (SAB) has a primary mission of advising the chair’s management on ongoing and future R&D, training and entrepreneurship programs and priorities, and formulating opinions notably through strategic, scientific and technological reviews. It is composed of international renowned experts, with an excellent track record in Energy sciences.
The industrial advisory board (IAB) contributes to the industrial exposure of the chair and advises on the industrial potential of the chair’s projects. It consists of distinguished policy makers & CEOs, involved directly or indirectly in the Energy Transition process of our country. In addition to international experts from Canada & MENA region.