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Mrs Amina Benkhadra

Mrs Amina Benkhadra

General Director of ONHYM(l’office national des hydrocarbures et des mines)


Civil Engineer of Mines from the National Superior School of Mines of Nancy, Mrs. Benkhadra is also a Doctor Engineer in mine sciences and technology (ENSM Paris). She also had management trainings at the University of Columbia in 1990.

In 1982, her career started at the Mines Research and Participation Office (BRPM) where she held several positions of responsibility in the feasibility of mining projects and the management of the portfolio of more than 30 subsidiaries of the previous BRPM. In 1994, she was appointed Director of Mines at the Ministry in charge of Energy and Mines, then Secretary of State in charge of mining sector development (1997-1998). As such, Mrs. Benkhadra led and supervised the implementation of a new strategy for the mining sector development.

In 1998, she became Director of the BRPM, then General Director of the National Office of Oil Research and Exploitation “ONAREP” (August2000 – November 2003).

In 2003, she was appointed as a General Director of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) on November 11, 2003, where she contributed to the reform of the previous ONAREP by implementing a new impetus of exploration promotion. She conducted the merger of BRPM and ONAREP and the creation of ONHYM.

In October 2007, she was appointed as a Minister in charge of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment. As such, Mrs. Benkhadra contributed to the implementation of new energy, water and environment strategies by the launch of many programs, particularly in the renewable energies field and the enactment of new laws and decrees.

Since 2012, Mrs Benkhadra, as General Director of ONHYM, manages the mining and hydrocarbons exploration and production. She is also in charge of several strategic projects:

  • The Delimitation of the Extension of the Moroccan Atlantic Continental Shelf
  • The Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline Project
  • The Extension of the use of the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline (transportation from Algeria to Spain and Portugal through Morocco)
  • The development of the midstream (transport and storage of gas) in Morocco
  • International activities:
  • Promotion of renewable energy and sustainable development
  • President of the Moroccan delegation of several high level conferences (Energy, Mines, Environment)
  • Participation in several conferences in the energy, mines and environment sectors ( USA, Europe, Asia and Africa)
  • Member of the High Level Advisory Board/Euro-Mediterranean Energy Commission-Union for Mediterranean
  • Contribution to the European Green Deal
  • Participation in female executives oil and gas conferences
  • Miscellaneous Activities
  • Member of the Board of several companies in the mining, infrastructures and banking sectors
  • President of Women Federation –National Rally of Independents
  • President of the Mineral Industry Federation (FDIM) (2000 – 2009)
  • Member of the Bou Regreg Association
  • Member of the Moroccan Association of Research and Development
  • Vice-President of the Mines Engineers Association of Paris – Nancy – St Etienne
  • Vice-President of the National Choeur of Morocco (Classic music and singing)
  • Awards: Wissam Al Arch, the order of Officer - Prize for Arab-European organization for environment-Legion of Honour from the Republic of France- Price of the “Executive of the Year” Oil and Gas Africa Council.